Your Margins Don’t Matter. Your Competitors’ Do. 

I recently had a conversation with a retailer about expanding some AdWords campaigns consisting of only branded keywords into larger campaigns encompassing unbranded keywords. They were confident that AdWords would be a profitable channel based on the fact that they were in a retail category with high margins. This is logical on the surface, […]

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AdWords Power Couple: GA Site Search + Remarketing for Search 

Google Analytics Site Search has long been a powerful tool for exploring how users locate content on your site. However, it’s an even more powerful tool in the context of your AdWords campaigns. Just as organic search terms are a valuable source of AdWords keywords, Site Search is a also a great source of potential […]

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Dynamic Keyword Insertion and the Click/Conversion Tradeoff

With so many levers to pull in AdWords, it’s easy to overlook some of the simplest and most traditional. We work with some highly experienced marketers, and many choose to pass over one tool in particular: Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). The logic goes something like this:

“Our ad groups are so granular that they only […]

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Searching for Missed PPC Opportunity? Put AdWords Scripts to Work

Almost two years have passed since their launch, and it’s surprising how little attention AdWords Scripts have garnered given the possibilities they open up in an account. If you are not familiar with AdWords Scripts, they allow you to automate manual tasks, generate custom reports, or more interestingly, perform custom analyses. Scripts also allow […]

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